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From Bare Land to Dream Haven

Picture the idyllic beauty of your own cottage retreat, nestled in the scenic landscape of Tiny Township, Ontario. What was once a blank canvas or a forgotten space now holds the promise of a haven where treasured memories will be created and shared for generations.

Cottage Design Build. Simplified.

Building your dream cottage is a deeply personal journey. From the spark of an idea to finding the perfect location, we understand the emotional significance of this endeavor.

At Maximum Design Build, a trusted general contractor in Tiny Township, we are here to simplify the process and help you bring your vision to life.

Why Work With Us

Your trusted partner: Expertise and Collaborative approach.

At Maximum Design Build, we're your trusted partner throughout the entire journey. From the initial design discussions to the final finishing touches, we collaborate closely with you, listening to your needs and incorporating your unique style and preferences into every decision. With our one-stop cottage building solution, you have the confidence that every detail is taken care of, from acquiring permits to providing aftercare support.

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Our Process

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    This is our get-to-know-each-other phase of the project. Together, we embark on a journey of discovery, immersing ourselves in your ideas, dreams, and aspirations for your perfect cottage retreat.

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    Design Concept

    At this phase of the project, Max will take your ideas and vision and translate them into a captivating design concept, embracing the charm and character unique to Tiny Township.

  • 3

    Timelines and Budget

    We work closely with you to establish a clear plan that includes realistic timelines and a budget that aligns with your goals. Our transparent approach ensures that every aspect of the project is accounted for, providing peace of mind throughout the process.

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    We promised a stress-free building process, and we deliver. We handle every aspect of your cottage construction, from breaking ground to getting building permits and coordinating trades. Max and his team take care of all the details, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free project.

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    Finishing Touches

    Attention to detail is paramount. We carefully select quality materials and apply finishing touches that showcase the elegance and character of your cottage. The result is a perfect getaway retreat that exceeds your expectations.

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    Ongoing Care

    Our commitment doesn't end with the completion of your cottage build. We provide ongoing care and support, ensuring your property remains a haven of tranquility for years to come.

Hear From Our Clients

"I'm incredibly grateful to Max and his team for turning my cottage dreams into a stunning reality. Despite living in Toronto - an hour and a half away from Tiny - I entrusted Max with every aspect of the project, from material selection to architect coordination and trade organization. And Max made it all happen! With his meticulous organization and incredible project planning, the entire process was a smooth journey. The progress made during each site visit over the course of this year always left me in awe, and the attention to detail and craftsmanship definitely was beyond what I imagined.”

Valentina, K. | Tiny, Ontario
Cottage Design Build Project

Cottage Design Build FAQS

Want to design and build a custom cottage? Whether it's choosing suitable materials or planning the perfect layout, our FAQs have got you covered. Dive in, discover, and get a step closer to your dream hideaway.

What is the process of designing a custom cottage?

Our design process begins with understanding your vision and requirements for your dream cottage. Our team of experienced designers will work closely with you to create a personalized design that captures the essence of your ideal getaway.

Do you handle all aspects of the construction process?

Yes, we are a full-service design-build company. We take care of every aspect of the construction process, from breaking ground to coordinating trades and managing the project timeline. You can rely on us to handle all the details, ensuring a smooth and efficient building experience.

Can you recommend materials that are suitable for cottage construction?

Absolutely! Our team has extensive knowledge of materials suitable for cottage construction. We will help you select high-quality and durable materials that align with your design preferences and budget. Our goal is to create a cottage that not only looks beautiful but also stands the test of time.

How long does the cottage construction process typically take?

The duration of the construction process can vary depending on the size and complexity of your cottage. Generally, it can take several months to a year to complete a custom cottage project. During the initial consultation, we will provide you with a more accurate timeline based on the scope of your project.

What is the level of involvement required from me during the construction phase?

We understand that you may not be able to be physically present at the construction site regularly. Rest assured, we will handle all aspects of the construction process, keeping you informed of the progress at every stage. We encourage open communication and will consult you for important decisions along the way.

What happens after the construction of the cottage is done?

Great question! Our commitment to you extends beyond the completion of the project. We provide post-construction services and ongoing support to ensure your cottage remains in optimal condition. We are just a phone call away if you need any assistance or have questions even after your dream cottage is complete.

Please keep in mind that these are general FAQs, and for more specific details tailored to your project, we recommend reaching out to Max and his team at Maximum Design Build.

What options do I have for incorporating smart home technology into my cottage?

We stay up to date with the latest advancements in smart home technology and can help you integrate automation systems, security systems, smart lighting, and other smart features into your cottage design. This allows for convenient control and monitoring of various aspects of your cottage remotely.

Can you recommend design features that make a cottage more suitable for year-round living?

Absolutely! If you plan to use your cottage throughout the year, we can incorporate features such as proper insulation, efficient heating and cooling systems, and durable materials to ensure comfort and functionality in all seasons. We can also suggest design elements that maximize energy efficiency.

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